WVFG Members & Supporters

We’d like to thank Pam Haynes, Lisa Wells, Lance Schrader, as well as former locations manager Jamie Cope of the West Virginia Film Office for their dedication and service these years building the very foundation of the film industry in the state of West Virginia.  They invested a great deal of time and effort into promoting our state, educating our workforce, and helping those who chose West Virginia for their backdrop .   On behalf of the West Virginia Filmmakers Guild, we thank you for your support through the years.  We still wouldn’t be here without your support.    We are grateful.  Thank you.  

So what’s going on?  Where are we at now?  What’s the status?   The WV Division of Tourism now handles all film office duties.  We recently met with the commissioners this past week for clarity.  It was a promising meeting.   They understand the importance of a working film industry in West Virginia and support it’s growth.  The staff face a serious challenge of integrating film office duties into their department.  We encourage them through this transition.

The current politics at play have been frustrating.  Thanks to those who take the time to contact the legislature. Your voice makes a difference.  Please continue to spread the benefits of filming in West Virginia with its natural beauty and unique geography.   

The current $5 million tax cap for 2017 has been topped.   Productions will be occurring throughout the state in the coming months.  We hope to gather any information and possibilities for crew and talent.  Film tax incentives will be available for 2018.  A production must have a minimum of $25,000 to be eligible.  We enjoy sharing projects within the community, feel free to email us at [email protected] to share.   

The WVFG was created as a non-profit 501c3 corporation in 1982.  This is the 35th year of operation.  We will hold two more industry workshops for 2017 as well as help those at WV Tourism learn about our endeavors. Support us by joining the WVFG. It’s $25 for the year, a write-off, and helps us continue moving forward. “For a cup of coffee..”   

Hope you all have a great 4th of July. Thank you #WVFILM Office for paving the way.  

Justin Owcar

WVFG President