A Message From the Office of the WVFG Board

Dear WVFG members,

After serving five years on the WVFG board, I recently made the decision to step down as President and pass the torch along to Vice President Steve Kwiatkowski who will be acting as interim President until the next members meeting where elections will take place.

I’d like to thank everybody who I’ve met and worked with over the years through the guild and am grateful for the friendships that continue to evolve outside the organization. The fact that the WVFG has been around since 1982 says so much about those who have volunteered their time and talents to keep it evolving, as well as our current board, where in a few years time, have built a new website, hosted several industry workshops, and increased our coffers from numerous grants and fiscal sponsorships.

Although the film industry here in West Virginia has taken a few big hits, I hope you all continue to support the guild in the years to come by attending meetings, participating in workshops, paying your dues of course, and staying connected as the WVFG continues to grow.

Thanks so much and best wishes.


Justin Owcar